This award of $10,000 USD is granted to two women physicians (member or non-member) who has made the most outstanding contribution to the cause of women in the field of medicine, or to Taiwan Medical Women Association.


  • Woman physician who has made exceptional contributions to medical science, especially in women’s health, through her basic and/or clinical research, publications, and leadership in her field;
  • Woman physician either working or having worked for the promotion of international relations of Taiwan through advocating of Taiwan’s contribution to international health;
  • Influenced the ever-expanding role of women in medicine;
  • Demonstrated commitment, originality, innovation, or creativity in her field of medicine;
  • Made exceptional contribution to her field of medicine;
  • Achieved recognition as a leader in women’s health in the area of public policy, health care delivery, research, medical education, patient care, application of basic sciences to health care;
  • Promotion of human rights, gender equality, and social-related matters.

Which can be supported by:

  • Evidence of exceptional-quality scientific research;
  • Extensive publication record;
  • High national or international leadership profile;
  • Chair of national or international committees;
  • Presidency of national or international scientific organizations;
  • History of advocacy on women’s, adolescent’s, children’s health issues.


**All submissions will be confirmed within 5 business days of receipt. Should you not receive a confirmation, please contact us at

Link to the award application form below: