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Young MWIA

The Young MWIA’s (yMWIA) full name is Special Interest Group for Young Female Doctors and Medical Students. It is an opportunity for the younger members of the profession to meet and discuss issues relevant to their stage in their careers. More information you will find here.

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Projects and Publications


These projects are meant as a starting point and hopefully others will contribute as well and it then becomes a very useful resource for others.

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Medical Women’s International Association
Secretary-General, Shelley Ross M.D.
7555 Morley Drive, Burnaby, B.C.
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Training Manual on Gender Mainstreaming in Health

In 2002 MWIA developed a Training Manual for Gender Mainstreaming in Health, in response to the need of physicians to understand how adding a gender perspective to health and health care could favourably influence the health of women and men. The Training Manual was used around the world in all eight regions of MWIA to conduct workshops and train physicians in the concepts of gender mainstreaming in health. This has allowed physicians to mainstream gender into their clinical practice, as well as influence those who develop policy and curriculum.

Training Manual on Gender Mainstreaming in Health (1.04MB)

This manual is also available in Portuguese now. It has been translated by Anna Maria Martits and revised by Marilene Melo from the Brazilian Association of Medical Women now. The portuguese version can be found here.

Training Manual for Adolescent Sexuality

MWIA’s Training Manual for Adolescent Sexuality, developed in 2004, is designed to help physicians address the concerns, questions and problems that adolescents experience in dealing with their sexuality. Above all, its intent is to help physicians play an important role in teaching adolescents about ‘healthy sexuality’.


July 15, 2014
MWIA contributes to Unicef handbook on adolescent health

Dr. Rosa Maria Nancho of the Philippine Medical Women’s Association is using cases from this in a handbook developed by the Philippine Society of Adolescent Medicine for rural health units in Yolanda-stricken areas of the country. This handbook has been commissioned by UNICEF and deals with adolescent health including sexual health.

Book about Leona McGregor Hellstedt- a past MWIA president
This book entitled: Gold Medalist - The Annotated Autobiography of Leone  Mcregor Hellstadt has just been published by