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Young MWIA

The Young MWIA’s (yMWIA) full name is Special Interest Group for Young Female Doctors and Medical Students. It is an opportunity for the younger members of the profession to meet and discuss issues relevant to their stage in their careers. More information you will find here.

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Violence Against Women

June 16 2014

The American medical women´s association takes a stand against violence!

MWIA participated in the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York

The SW 57 – 2013 – Official Report can be found here.
MWIA presented a workshop entitled “Women Doctors and the Health System in the Elimination and Prevention of all Forms of Violence Against Women and Girls”  inside the UN building on March 7th 2013. A press release, the agenda
and presentations of this workshop can be found here as follows:

- Introduction
- Presentation by Shelley Ross and the corresponding narrative 
- Presentation by Gail Beck
- Presentation by Eleanor Nwadinobi
- Presentation by Raie Goodwach
- Presentation of Petronilla Ngiloi (March 5)
- Keynote Speech of Lopa Banerjee (March 5)
- Presentation of Magdalena Simmonis (March 4)

A parallel MWIA event “Women Doctors and the Health System in the Elimination and Prevention of all Forms of Violence Against Women and Girls” with the Co–Sponsors – American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), National Council of Women USA (NCW) and UNA-USA Southern NY State Division – was held on  March 5th 2013. Mistress of Ceremonies was Dr. Satty Gill Keswani, MWIA NGO Main Rep to the UN. The agenda can be found here.

Stopping Violence Against Women and Children

Preventing violence is a worldwide health priority and the leading worldwide public health problem (Krug, Dahlberg et al. 2002) because of its prevalence and serious health consequences.

Violence occurs across the lifespan, in the everyday lives of far too many people. No community is spared across the globe. As doctors, it is important that we work towards the elimination of violence in our everyday work, with our communities, through education, policy and advocacy work. Every member of MWIA can make a difference. Further reading.

For further information, please contact:

Associate Professor Jan Coles
Vice President Australian Federation of Medical Women
Chair of Research, Monash University DGP

Sexual Violence: Responding well to the longterm health sequelae

MWIA 2010 adopted the following resolutions put forward by VMWS/AFMW based on the HHWNJS report:

  • In recognition that sexual violence to adults and children has far-reaching medical, psychological and community consequences for survivors and their communities the MWIA:
  • Supports the elimination of all forms of sexual violence
  • Supports the education of communities to raise awareness  and change attitudes towards sexual violence
  • Supports the education of health professionals to recognise, respond to and effectively support survivors of sexual violence and
  • Calls for the provision of long-term integrated counselling and health services to better support the survivors of sexual violence across a lifetime.

The full background paper can be found here:

For further information, please contact:

Dr Raie Goodwach
Past president Victorian Medical Women’s Society