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Young MWIA

The Young MWIA’s (yMWIA) full name is Special Interest Group for Young Female Doctors and Medical Students. It is an opportunity for the younger members of the profession to meet and discuss issues relevant to their stage in their careers. More information you will find here.

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December 1, 2018
MWIA December recipe available for download
Our December recipe describes how you can prepare a Food care kit for homeless persons.
Fill a bag or basket with the items. You may choose to donate directly to individuals or through various charitable organizations during the Christmas holidays. As Christmas time is a traditional family time in many countries the loneliness and poverty of homelessness is felt more keenly during Christmas.

This is the third of our centennial recipes till the centennial congress in New York in July 2019.

November 24, 2018
Medical women in the Second World War and later
In the third decade of MWIA (1939-1948) there had been no MWIA meetings for 9 years. In 1947, the fifth MWIA Congress was held in Amsterdam (Netherlands) with 350 members with the theme: What are the responsibilities of Medical Women in the Reconstruction of the World, as Physicians, Social Workers, Internationalists?
In this decade women were allowed to study medicine in many countries, for example Harvard Medical School finally started to admit women in 1945. Also  Gerty Cori became the first female doctor to win the Nobel Prize in the category of medicine and physiology in 1947.

Interested to learn more about the third decade of MWIA and medical women history? Here is the link to the full article with pictures.

November 2, 2018
First November recipe available for download

We invite you to try the November recipe Brigadeiro – a BrazilianTreat as we count down to the MWIA centennial celebration in New York City.
Registration is now open and only a click away.

October 29, 2018
MWIA was celebrating its 99 birthday a few days ago!
The association was officially formed on October 25, 1919 at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York. At this time only America, Britain, India and Japan had female medical women associations and in many countries women were still not allowed to study medicine.
Interested to learn more about the first two decades of MWIA? Here is the link to the full article with pictures.
This is the first of our centennial historical articles series highlighting MWIA´s history till the centennial congress in New York in July 2019.

October 9, 2018
First October recipe available for download
We invite you to try the October recipe Agidi with Tomato Stew and Lemon Grass Tea as we count down to the MWIA centennial celebration in New York City.

October 3, 2018
Compilation of Family Lunch and Dinner Recipes by female physicians and medical students from all over the world”
Our aim is to publish the recipes on the MWIA website as monthly teasers in the run up to our Centennial celebration.
All MWIA members are invited to write and send in one lunch or dinner recipe from their home countries. Kindly send in your recipe with your name and country using the template provided with a PDF picture in high resolution. Easy to make, yet nutritious dishes using readily available ingredients are encouraged. Suggestions should be made for ingredient substitutes where necessary. We encourage creativity and originality.
We are looking very much forward to receiving your recipes!

September 14, 2018
“The unveiling of the centennial scarf”
After a very rigorous process, we now have an MWIA centennial scarf!
The process which started on the 1st of July 2018 had 12 entries from 5 countries. It was a very difficult choice to make, because all the entries were novel, well connected to the Centennial theme, and appealing. However, only one design could be chosen as the winning entry. The winning scarf was designed by Associate Professor Marina Di Domenico from Napoli in Italy.
The winning MWIA scarf design by Marina features the central MWIA logo surrounded by different flowers, as diverse as medical women belonging to the Association”.
More information on the artist and the scarf can be found here:…/uploads/2018/09/MWIA_SEPTEMBER_TEASER.pdf

More information on the two other finalists of the competition and their design can be found here: