Dual Career Marriages


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In both marriage and medicine, there are major responsibilities and commitments. Nada offers tips on how couples can manage both their career in medicine and marriage to the best of their abilities.

Traditional Divisions of Labor

Everybody needs a ‘wife’ who will take care of the housekeeping, scheduling social events and entertainment, and dependent care provider. Today, these tasks are commonly divided between the husband and wife. Talk about what works in your relationship. Focus on each others strengths.

Experiences and Assumptions

As we are exposed to our parent’s roles, we develop assumptions of what marriage should look like based on these experiences.

- “My father always took care of the car.”
- ‘My mother always picked up the dry cleaning.’

There is no “right way” of how things should get done. You don’t have to do what your
parents did, what your parents say, or what people expect. Do what works for you.

Don’t Expect Perfection

Everything does not need to perfect, so don’t dwell on the small things. Take the pressure off an focus on what is important.


Decide which tasks REALLY have to be done by a spouse/parent. What can the kids do for themselves? What help can you buy (car for the child care helper, house cleaning service etc.)?

Communication is the Key to Success

Talk about everything! Your partner is not a mind-reader. Talk about the things that are not working and find viable solutions together.

You Only Live Once

Enjoy it!

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