Medical Women Leaders Tell Their Stories

By: BUN, Alex

Medical Women Leaders tell their stories of the greatest assets and struggles for women in Medicine. Learn life/balance advice to enjoy your professional and personal life.

Medical Women Leaders tell their stories (193,4 KB)

What are the difficulties for men and women in Medicine?

  • Marriage +/- children,
  • Relationships with husbands/partners, wider family
  • Balancing work and personal life
  • Personal choices difficult
  • Having time and energy to think!

“A woman will always sacrifice herself if you give her the opportunity… is her favorite form of self indulgence” – W.Somerset Maugham

Training Issues

  • Length and inflexibility of College training programs
  • Time-based training discriminates against women
  • Part time training only available to a few
  • Hospital organisation unfriendly to women (childcare and rosters)
  • Partner’s job

What I Learned…

  • Time management and priority setting are crucial
  • Keep a boundary between home and work
  • Give time to relationships – they won’t come back again!
  • The importance of mentoring (male and female)
  • Not to waste time on inessentials
  • Focus activity – don’t spread yourself too thin

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