World Health Assembly in Geneva (19-24 May 2014)

MWIA has lent its name along with WONCA to the World Medical The delegation from MWIA to the World Health Assembly consisted of MWIA’s President, Dr. Kyung Ah Park, as well as other members of the executive–Dr.Gail Beck, Dr. Shelley Ross, Dr. Christiane Pouliart, Dr. Shafika Nasser, andMWIA’s official representative to WHO, Dr. Clarissa Fabre. MWIA was delightedto have an Australian medical student and MWIA member, Ms. Allison Hempenstallaccompany the delegation. Ms. Hempenstall has written an article about gender based violence which is attached. The delegation was able to meet with a number of active staff at WHO and work on MWIA’s action plan over the next two years.
MWIA was able to add their name to the World Medical Association statement on violence along with WONCA (international family physicians). WMA is the global federation of National Medical Associations representing the millions of physicians worldwide.

The photo shows MWIA secretary general Shelley Ross, MWIA president Kyung Ah Park and MWIA WHO rep. Clarissa Fabre in Geneva (from left to right).

After prolonged deliberation and into the wee hours of Saturday the 24th of May, the World Health Assembly adopted a resolution on violence, in particular against women and girls, and against children. Please see below. The statement by MWIA, WONCA and the World Medical Association was posted on the World Health Assembly website
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Article of Allsion Hempenstall

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