The MWIA Centennial Congress was held in New York in July 2019. The theme for the event reflected the theme for the 2016-2019 triennium, “Medical women – ambassadors of change”.

In the words of Past President Prof Dr Dr Bettina Pfleiderer “The specific challenges to women ́s health are manifold: e.g. deprivation of Women’s Rights in many societies, lack of access to health care, socio – economic, cultural and political factors and lack of health care policies to promote women’s health. Sustainable change is only possible when women will be empowered.

Medical women and national medical women ́s associations play here an important role by raising awareness for these problems, serve as advocates by informing the public and politicians by social media, use of their networks & teaching materials and last but not least by initiating new preventive health and education programs. This congress will celebrate our achievements as medical women in MWIA since 100 years!”

Read the Centennial Congress here.