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Bellagio, meetings and training manuals fund

The Rockefeller foundation gave MWIA money to draft the gender mainstreaming manual in health in Ballagio in Italy. The money that wasn´t spent at that time was put into a fund to be used for gender mainstreaming programs in health.

Criteria applying to fund:

  1. An application can be submitted at any time.
  2. The fund will be awarded based on the strength of the submitted proposal and submitted budget.
  3. Project should advance gender equality, gender empowerment and female leadership in health. The project must provide visibility to MWIA. The results projects should have a measurable outcome which can be used in evaluating the effectiveness of the project when it is completed.
  4. Projects should benefit more than one association within MWIA and should provide some enduring content or programming.
  5. A detailed draft budget should indicate the use of the fund with a maximum amount of 2500 CHF that can be asked for.
Please apply for the fund by using the following application form:

For questions, clarifications, submission of the form, please contact the EWL Secretariat through E-mail: secretariat(add)mwia(dot)net

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