MWIA Funds

Fund descriptions and criteria

General Criteria applying to all MWIA funds

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion should be guiding principles in the selection of recipients. Diversity means that the award is not granted only to the same or similar recipients, equity is understood as fairness in assessment of applications and inclusion refers to a process ensuring that associations that might be marginalized for some reason have equal access to the fund.
  • A detailed report about the use of the funds should be presented to the Secretary General and Treasurer within 3 months of the award and at the next triennial MWIA Congress. The report will go on the MWIA website and in newsletters.
  • MWIA national organisations or individual MWIA members applying for funding must be in good standing for at least 2 years.
  • Funds should not be used on travel, meals, or honoraria except for the Lovejoy/Jubilee Fellowships which may be used to fund travel and accommodation to the triennial congress where financial need has been demonstrated.
  • Individual fund criteria should be checked for timing of applications.
  • For a pilot phase (1st July 2021 – 31st May 2022), a MWIA awards committee will be installed to assess the various fund applications and recommend to the MWIA Exco what to fund. The co-chairs for the awards committee will be the treasurer and chair of finance and one representative from each MWIA region. More information about the awards committee can be found here.

1. Morani Fund

The Morani Fund was established 1993 and can be used to update and modernise the secretariat office.

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2. Bellagio, meetings and training manuals fund

The Rockefeller Foundation gave MWIA money to draft the gender mainstreaming manual in health in Bellagio in Italy. The money that wasn’t spent at that time was put into a fund to be used for gender mainstreaming programs in health.

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3. Horani and Harumi Ono fund

The Horani and Harumi Ono fund was established 1993 and provides funding to encourage regional meetings.

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4. Dr. Märtha Holmström Fund

The Märtha Holmstöm’s Fund was established by MWIA in 1984 to honor her work as treasurer. The fund provides temporary interest-free loans to host associations of international congresses.

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5. Lovejoy/Jubilee Fellowship

She was a trailblazing physician who devoted decades of her life to promoting global humanitarian aid and international relations among women physicians around the world. It was this latter interest that led to her work in organizing an international reception in New York City in 1919, which ultimately led to the founding of the Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA). Among her many books, Women Doctors of the World reflects most her interest in the advancement of women in medicine on a global front.
The Lovejoy/Jubilee Fellowship provides funding of up to 500 CHF to association members for the purpose of attending the triennial MWIA international congress.

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6. Leone McGregor Hellstedt Fund

Dr. Leone McGregor Hellstedt devoted many years to assembling a collection of autobiographical sketches of medical pioneers around the world. After her death, the anthology, Women Physicians of the World: Autobiographies of medical pioneers was published — a unique volume highlighting the lives of 91 women from 27 countries. The surplus from the sale of this book project was used by MWIA to establish the Leone Hellstedt Fund in memory of her.
The Leone McGregor Hellstedt Fund was established in 1986 and provides and provides funding for various projects of the association with approval from the Executive Committee.

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7. Waltraud Diekhaus Fund

The Waltraud Diekhaus fund supports projects which increase knowledge of gender sensitive medicine including gender-based violence, support related research and advance inclusion in medical education and all aspects of medicine.

Please apply for the Waltraud Diekaus Award and Fund now: Deadline 1st of October.

All information can be found here and in the flyer.

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8. Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship fund provides support for members of MWIA national associations or individual MWIA members planning to enroll in training programs designed to further their careers and promote improved medical practices.

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