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Horani and Harumi Ono fund

Dr. Harumi Ono (Japan)
MWIA president from 1974 – 1976

The Horani and Harumi Ono fund was established 1993 and provides funding to encourage regional meetings.

Criteria applying to fund:

  1. Applications can be submitted at any time, preferentially one year in advance, but the latest 9 months prior to the planned date of the regional meeting.
  2. The fund will be awarded on the strength of the proposal and the submitted budget.
  3. The fund is to be used to encourage regional meetings and invite associations to search for new forms of regional contact between member associations e.g. organizing virtual meetings. Specifically, it is encouraged to develop new online or hybrid meeting formats to reduce the necessity to travel. The fund may also be used in sponsoring regional meeting’s registration fee for participants who are financially compromised; demonstration of need through a personal written statement.
  4. Project should benefit more than one association within MWIA and should provide some enduring content or programming. The results of the project should be a measurable outcome which can be used in evaluating the effectiveness of the project when it is completed.
  5. A detailed draft budget should indicate the use of the fund with a maximum amount of 2500 CHF that can be asked for.
Please apply for the fund by using the following application form:

For questions, clarifications, submission of the form, please contact the EWL Secretariat through E-mail: secretariat(add)mwia(dot)net

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