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Dr Märtha Holmström’s Fund

Dr. Märtha Holström (Sweden)
Dr Märta Holmström served as MWIA treasurer from 1974– 1982
MWIA honorary member 1982

The Märtha Holmstöm´s Fund was established by MWIA in 1984 to honor her work as treasurer. The fund provides temporary interest-free loans to host associations of international congresses.

Criteria applying to fund:

  1. Applications should be submitted at least one year prior to the planned date of the international meeting by the host association,but no more than 2.5 years in advance.
  2. The fund will be awarded on the strength of the submitted proposal and submitted budget.
  3. MWIA member organization in good standing for at least 2 years.
  4. The congress plan and budget including a pay-back program requires the award committee approval. The maximum amount that can be asked for is 5000 CHF.
Please apply for the fund by using the following application form:

For questions, clarifications, submission of the form, please contact the EWL Secretariat through E-mail: secretariat(add)mwia(dot)net

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