MWIA’s Training Manual for Adolescent Sexuality has been developed to help physicians address the concerns, questions and problems that adolescents experience in dealing with their sexuality. Its intent is to help physicians play an important role in teaching adolescents about “healthy sexuality.” It uses cases to make the information understandable and relevant to physicians. The purpose of the manual is to improve clinical practice in this area and to facilitate and enhance physician input into policy development with respect to community health and education.

Gender Mainstreaming in Health means applying these concepts to health and health care so that women and men receive care in accordance with their needs. Gender is an important determinant of health. To obtain further information about Gender Mainstreaming in Health please refer to the MWIA’s Training Manual for Gender Mainstreaming in Health, which can be found at

With the global community focusing on the adolescent, the MWIA decided to develop a Training Manual for Adolescent Sexuality. Gender analysis shows us how different cultural norms of masculinity and femininity influence sexual knowledge and behaviour.

Healthy sexuality promotes the enhancement of life and of personal relations. The physician’s role should not be limited to reproduction and sexually transmitted infections (STI) but should include counselling about the positive aspects of sexual health.

Download the Training Manual for Adolescent Sexuality here.