Vice President: Dr. Christine Wendo Sadia (Near East and Africa)

The global pandemic of COVID-19 continues to adversely affect the region especially the inadequacy of vaccines and therefore we support the global advocacy for vaccine equality. Amidst these challenges the Region remains active and successfully held the Regional Congress hosted by The Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria from 24–27 March,2021 in Abuja. The scientific conference attracted quality papers and was attended by high profile government dignitaries, MWIA President and Secretary General among other delegates including Africa CDC and some of MWIA Past Presidents. We thank MWIA representatives for attending and providing valuable remarks and members for valuable support.

The region has reactivated many National Associations and now have good representation of Anglophone, Francophone and Arabic speaking National Association as we consolidate the region. Sierra Leone Medical Women’s Association relaunched and reactivated their Association in November 2020 at a very high-profile event and is actively addressing pertinent women health concerns.

The region continues to address the unique health and global concerns that affect women in medicine and gender equality especially the escalating GBV especially Domestic Violence, which has escalated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these concerns were addressed during the Regional Scientific Conference and the official report and communique will provide details. We are concerned about some of the health issues plaquing the countries in conflict situations and where access to affordable healthcare and maintenance of essential services continue to put more women and girls at risk.

National Associations have worked tirelessly to support vulnerable groups. I commend these effects and appreciate the support and sacrifices members have made.  We have also received and note with sadness – women in medicine have been harassed and sometimes physically assaulted for standing for the right to quality health care during the pandemic.