Representative: Prof Dr Dr Bettina Pfleiderer

MWIA Past President Bettina Pfleiderer is MWIA- representative on the EWL board and Dr. Elizabeth Lichtenstein is her alternate. Bettina Pfleiderer is also current EWL Vice president. Bettina is also the chair of the EWL membership committee, which continue to works on a new membership fee model. She has also the portfolio “violence against women and girls” in the Executive committee and closely monitors all activities of the EWL observatory of violence.

The MWIA Executive met for two days online at the 2-3th of December to discuss the newly approved strategic framework of EWL “Women Changing Europe: Building a Feminist Vision for the Future of Europe” and updated EWL´s workplan 2022-2024. Due to the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the decision was made to held the upcoming board meeting in February 2022 online.

EWL is a strong advocate on women´s rights and fights against gendered violence against women and girls. The European Women’s Lobby is calling on the European Commission to urgently move ahead with its commitments by adopting a comprehensive legislative framework, grounded in a horizontal Directive, that holistically prevents, combats and eliminates all forms of male violence against women and girls, including sexual exploitation and online VAWG.

EWL has in addition prepared a social media kit to be used for the 16 days of activism against violence. For each for the 16 days a post for social media including a visual have been prepared- see for instance the campaign on psychological violence with its related visual:

Male violence against women takes many forms, but is always a mean to exercise control over women’s lives, bodies and sexuality.

We need to take urgent actions to #EndVAWG! #16Days #OrangeTheWorld