Report from Vice President for Southern Europe

Dr. Concetta Laurentaci

Dr. Concetta Laurentaci MWIA Regional Vice President for Southern Europe

Dear MWIA Colleagues,

I have not received any update from the Belgian Association or from individual members in Southern Europe. The first quarter of 2023 was characterised in Italy by numerous training activities on important topics of gender medicine and some pathological conditions. In particular, the various Italian sections organized several updates on gender oncology (Lamezia Terme), fibromyalgia (Catania), active ageing (Sanremo), osteoporosis (Reggio Calabria), digital technologies for women’s health (Ferrara), gut and skin microbes (Lecce), eating intolerance (Modena), loco-regional anaesthesia (Bologna), and gender variants (Napoli). Other sections were involved in events to combat gender discrimination (Parma), to recognise and prevent episodes of violence against health workers (Bari), and to communicate with high school students on issues related to eating disorders (Palmi) and on recognising the signs that may precede and characterise phenomena of gender violence (Crema and Matera).

In conclusion, I would like to remind you of our Regional MWIA Congress of Southern Europe that will be held remotely on 21 April, during the AIDM National Congress in Catania, Italy. The webinar is entitled “Post-pandemic era: what directions for public health?” and you can view the program on the MWIA website. We hope you will participate in large numbers and will appreciate the interesting updates given by our important speakers. Immediately after the webinar we will schedule the first business meeting for all Southern Europe members, who can present their proposals for future works in our geographical area.

Best regards to all and good work with MWIA!