A gala dinner held on November 5th 2022 marked the main event leading to the founding of Women in Medicine Lesotho (WIML). Over 100 female medical doctors and dentists graced the occasion. The keynote speaker was Dr. Qentso Edith Mohapi who was the first Mosotho woman to qualify as a medical doctor. Featured speakers shared wonderful stories about their inspiration to pursue medicine as a career, their medical education, professional experiences and long-term visions. A notable moment at the event was a speech by an aspiring female medical doctor. At the end of the event, attendees pledged an original medical oath inspired by Hippocrates and other codes.

In November 2022, Dr. Lineo Mabusela Letlala who is the president of WIML, established a provisional WIML Executive Committee consisting of eleven members. The Committee met virtually for the first time on 14th December 2022. Communications with MWIA in November 2022 to initiate WIML membership were concurrent with that first WIML Committee meeting. Consequently, WIML participated as an observer at the first MWIA Global Coordination Meeting on 26th January 2023. Sixty-one attendees participated in the first WIML general meeting on 16th February 2023. The virtual meeting was a platform introducing the WIML Executive Committee and portfolios.

Dr. N’tsepase Irene Moruthane who is the WIML Treasurer and Continuous Development Programme (CPD) Coordinator hosted the first CPD event on 6th April 2023. Fifty-four attendees participated in the two-hour virtual event entitled “Establishing a balance between patients’ rights and responsibilities”.

Work on the compilation the WIML Constitution began in February 2023. On 18th April 2023 the WIML Constitution was registered at the Lesotho Office of the Registrar General (Registration number: 2023/184). WIML submitted the Constitution to the MWIA Executive Committee, which led to WIML becoming the 41st member association of MWIA on 30th May 2023.

Through the coordination of Dr. Maneo Mankimane who is the WIML Public Relations Officer, an official WIML logo was unveiled on 15th June 2023. The logo features the faces of three different women to reflect diversity among WIML members. Alongside the faces are stethoscopes to symbolize togetherness. A traditional Lesotho hat “Mokorotlo” upon the head of the women signifies national unity. The shield embedding the faces, stethoscopes and hat is emblematic of protection. Lilac, gold and black are the colours that epitomize the ethos of the WIML movement. The circular shape of the logo is an expression of wholeness.

On a final note, the aspiring medical student introduced at the 2022 gala event enrolled at school in Rwanda and commenced her medical education during June 2023.

Official WIML Logo

fig 1. Official WIML Logo