During the last three months, the most important activity of the Taiwan Medical Women’s Association was to held its regular “Board of Directors meeting” on Apr 8, 2023 after their annual spring trip in March. The Board Meeting was held hybrid to allow most of the directors to join.

The committee discussed the importance of providing more care to the members in Taiwan and officially initiated their “Caring Team”. The past three years of the Pandemic reminded Taiwanese society of their experience of SARS and a film production team made a documentary of the short history of these diseases. The TMWA decided to cooperate with them to provide more in-depth discussion and medical education for the health professionals and the general population and the first screening will be shown in the near future.

the board director meeting (webinar)

fig 1. the board director meeting (webinar)

the board director meeting (on site)

fig 2. the board director meeting (on site)