This quarter the AGM took place in our capital Berlin. First of all, the “Courageous Lioness” was awarded to Prof. Dr. Gabriele Kaczmarczyk for special achievements for the equality of female physicians and pioneer of gender medicine. Since 2001, our organisation (DÄB) has been honoring female physicians who have made a special contribution to our interests. Dr. Elke Burghardt was appointed as an honorary member. The “Silver Feather” was awarded to children’s books and young people’s books that present topics relating to illness and health in an outstanding manner. We congratulate all award winners!

The agenda also included various political issues that were debated and decided upon. Initiated by a group in MWIA, we have discussed the topic of care work in all age groups and decided to pursue this politically. Additionally, a group will be formed to pursue the development of a future self-determination law in Germany. In particular, as young girls more often face challenges with their identity, we want to take a special look at these developments. In addition, we have drafted the demand that the practice of abortion should be removed from the criminal code in Germany.

Another project in the summer was that we launched a day’s workshop on “Communication – the key to success?” in the mentoring network and our Young Forum. With this workshop, our young colleagues were able to learn individual communication strategies and exchange ideas. The Mentoring Network has been in place for many years and we have been able to connect more than 300 mentees and mentors. The Young Forum is a network for all our members under 40.

In addition, we are expanding our social media activities more and more and, among other things, delivered the “MedLifeBalance” theme month. On the initiative of our Life-Friendly Working Conditions Committee, this project was launched and regular tips on everyday working life, maternity leave or careers were provided.