We were just about to welcome Spring to Sweden when we today (April 2nd) got a full-on
winter storm with snow again. Despite the lack of spring weather the Swedish Medical
Women (KLF) recently hosted its Annual Board Meeting with the connected Spring Meeting
for our members. We would like to welcome a new board member – Kristina Hambreus
Jonzon, who is a retired anesthesiologist This year we held a workshop for everyone
attending led by the writer Emelie Dittmer, focusing on “reflective writing” and teaching us
how we can use writing as a tool to heal and reflect. We think that the workshop was very
much appreciated by our members.

Earlier in the spring our chair Sofia Kuhner attended a meeting at the government office,
together with other medical experts and lawyers, discussing the future of the abortion laws
in Sweden and whether the right to an abortion should be protected in our constitution.
Current law allows a woman to undergo an abortion up until week 18+0 without medical
reason, and after that you will need to get approval from The National Board of Health and
Welfare to undergo an abortion up until week 21+6. With that said the abortion laws in
Sweden are very liberal and something we do not want to see changed. However, with the
current quite radical changes we’ve seen around the world lately, and the fear of
something similar happening in Sweden with a potential government change, the
discussion to protect current law in some way has come up amongst many people.

We will keep MWIA posted on the developing situation and hope to soon be able to
welcome spring even to Sweden!

Ebba Eilertz, National Representative Sweden