“I warmly welcome you on behalf of the Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA) executive and members. MWIA greatly appreciate and acknowledge the efforts, dedication and commitment of the MWIA web team MWIA Past President Prof Bettina Pfleiderer, and MWIA webmaster Dr Marissa Daniels. They have worked tirelessly under the most challenging circumstances resulting from COVID-19 to restore the functioning and new look of the MWIA website. They were well supported in this endeavor by Secretary General Prof Padmini Murthy, VP Central Asia & chair of the MWIA Social media and communications committee Dr Mandakini Megh, as well as MWIA treasurer Dr. Helen Goodyear, coordinating the efforts.”

On behalf of the MWIA Executive
Dr Eleanor Ann Nwadinobi, MBBS, EMA, FAAC
President, Medical Women’s International Association