Report submitted by: Dr. Bobola Agbonle, National Coordinator/Secretary

Near East and African Congress holds from 24-27 March, 2020 at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, Nigeria.

Participation – hybrid, to allow for international participation due to COVID-19 restrictions.
The theme – “Accelerated Universal Health Coverage – Priorities, Opportunities and Challenges.”
Sessions – breakfast event, scientific sessions and plenaries and General Assembly/Business meeting.

MWAN MALE CHAMPIONS – 2 additional Champions viz: Dr. Kawu, Acting Hon. Secretary FCT Health and Human Services and NMA President, Prof IAO Ujah.

The 1st meeting held via zoom (23rd January, 2021) with all members present – Prof. O. Elebute, Prof O. Olurin, Dr. C. Akele, Dr. E. Okara, Prof. H. Galadanci and Dr. K. Ogbuagu with Dr. Oseji as Secretary.

WORTHI project on Cervical cancer screening, treatment and advocacy was launched on 19th October, 2020 and over two million naira has been raised. Cancer Promotional items (T-shirts, wrist bands and facemasks) are available. Funds have been used for augmenting treatment of four cancer cases – 1 cervical cancer and 3 breast cancer cases; Cervical cancer screening activities nationwide – N122,000 for 244 free cervical cancer screening throughout the month of February, 2021 organized by the National Secretariat using Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) and Visual Inspection with Lugol’s Iodine (VILI) All suspicious cases have been referred for follow up.; and Cancer Awareness/Advocacy creation – national supported 19 States with N20,000 each in November, 2020 to print at least 500 fliers on Pap smear to be shared in Immunization clinics. On 4th February 2021 – ANC FMC Asaba: 85 women and 1 man were reached; Photo-shoots of members posted on World Cancer Day with stories of “I am and I will”

To fight against VAWG we requested all Nigerians to sign a letter from MWAN to relevant policy makers in Nigeria calling for the Establishment of a National Task Force on Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls occurring through Ritual Activities in Nigeria with branches in all States of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory, pending when appropriate laws are enacted to proffer a sustainable solution to this menace.

Other activities include Adopted Health Facilities virtual meeting for monitoring and evaluation with the officers in charge of the 13 Adopted facilities; Blood Donor Advocacy- Fliers on Blood donation were shared from 16th and 25th February, 2021 to improve health care worker blood donations. In January and February, Economic Empowerment of Women in Health/Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Programmes were organized virtually.

Figure 1. Decoration of the 11th MWAN Male Champion, NMA President, Prof Innocent AO Ujah (FNMA, FNAmed, mni) on Friday 11th December, 2020 during the NMA National Executive Council meeting which held in Akwa, Nigeria.

Figure 2. Picture showing screening for one of the clients going through the Free cervical cancer screening (VILI and VIA) in February, 2021 organized by the MWAN National Secretariat at Church of God Mission, Asaba, Nigeria.