VP-report Central Europe:

I am at a loss of words these days. I never thought there would be a war in Europe again, I am horrified by what is happening to the people in the Ukraine and the only thing we can do as medical women is stand in solidarity with all those who suffer and try to help wherever and however we can. The Russian medical women association is a member of our region. I would like to share thoughts of one of our colleagues from Russia with you, without sharing her name under her letter, because this would put her in danger:

This is her letter:

People in countries around the world have watched with horror and pain the changes in Russia over the past 15 years. They can’t understand how actions leading to the restoration of a dictatorship, followed by growing corruption and aggression towards other countries, our neighbors, could have been possible. I think the main reason is that Russia has been much longer being “eaten” by the Cancer of Communism, and because of this requires more time for “healing”.

Today the Russian military invasion of Ukraine shows us the necessity of collaboration: the combined efforts of people in all countries spreading the main declarations of the United Nations on human rights, including the right of peace for each and all on Earth.

My dear colleagues – like each of you, I feel pain and huge compassion for Ukrainians in this time. I also feel for those of our people who do not support the military actions of our country. All my relatives from my dear mother’s side live in different cities near Kharkiv. The graves of my grandmother and grandfather, my mother’s beloved sister and brother are in the village of Ekaterinovka, in the Kharkiv region. I cannot believe that my own country has tanks passing through these areas, killing civilians and destroying their homes.

For most of my life, I have dedicated myself to spreading knowledge of human rights and the role of the medical staff in therein. I am a member of several international organizations promoting the ideas of peace and democracy. All of us, decent people, women’s organizations, and each woman wishing happiness to her family, put so much effort to bring the end of The Cold War.

And I cannot stand aside in the passive silence today. In this troubled time, suffering a government acts independently of its citizenry, it falls to us as individuals to make our wills known, not only to our own government but to the larger international community.

Today the Russian invasion of sovereign Ukraine is a big tragedy for my family, and for me personally, and the whole world. Therefore, I support the appeal of many people in Russia protesting the conduct of hostilities in Ukraine, demanding the immediate removal of the Russian army from the Ukrainian territory, initiation of real negotiations, and the start of compensations for tragic losses.

A physician from Russia MD PhD