CPME report

The aim of the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME; Comité Permanent des Médecins Européens) is to coordinate the opinions and interests of the professional medical organisations across different areas of health and social policy in order to be able to present European institutions with a unified voice (https://www.cpme.eu/)

The CPME established the Ukraine Medical Help Fund as a joint initiative by CPME, EFMA and WMA following an urgent request by the Ukrainian Medical Association. “The intense military escalation has resulted in loss of life, injuries, and the displacement of over one million refugees to neighbouring countries, with more expected. Hospitals and medical facilities have suffered severe damage and there is a shortage of all medical supplies and tremendous logistical challenges in sending aid.“

Information on the use of the funds and if you want to donate: link: https://www.cpme.eu/news/donate-to-the-ukraine-medical-help-fund

The CPME, together with the World Medical Association,” condemn any act of aggression that prevents doctors and healthcare professionals carrying out their duty of care to protect lives” and stated that medical neutrality must be observed in Ukraine. Please read their full statement here: https://www.cpme.eu/news/medical-neutrality-must-be-observed-in-ukraine