The Western Pacific Region has like the rest of the world, continued to suffer under the Omicron Variant in the last quarter. Our region also celebrated Christmas and the Lunar New Year – it is now Year of the Tiger!

We have continued our tradition of bi-monthly zoom meetings which have been running through-out this triennium. -We celebrated Vietnam’s Doctor’s Day with a virtual meeting on February 26 (Fig. 1) following a request from Individual member Dr Zarrin Sadidqui. We hope to one day see a Vietnamese Association join MWIA.

Our next virtual meeting will be on April 9 2022 when we shall hear from National leaders as to why they joined and took up leadership roles within their own organisations as well as MWIA and how this has contributed to their own leadership development.

Fig.1 :MWIA WPR Mini-symposium for Vietnam's Doctor's Day

Fig.1 :MWIA WPR Mini-symposium for Vietnam’s Doctor’s Day