The Georgian Medical Women’s Association (GMWA) is honoured that Dr. Mariam Jashi, a senior policy maker from Georgia nominated by GMWA, was elected as the new Secretary General of MWIA. As the Global Board Member of UNITE Parliamentarians Network, former Deputy Health Minister and President of Innovative Financing Leading Group, we believe that Dr. Jashi will make an important contribution to the future successes of MWIA.

Hereby, we are pleased to present two main areas of work of the Georgian Medical Women’s Association for the reporting period.

1. Regional Conferences during Covid-19 Pandemic

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, GMWA prioritized educational activities and organized scientific conferences in different regions of Georgia. The conferences were dedicated to the management and treatment of various diseases in the context of the novel virus. Presentations and thematic discussions were led by famous Georgian doctors and scientists from the local medical society, and all conferences had high attendance of medical professionals from different regions.

The conference on “Actual topics of management and treatment of different diseases during the Covid 19 pandemic” was organized in July 2021 in Telavi, Kakheti Region of Georgia. The second meeting dedicated to the treatment of internal diseases during the Pandemic took place in November 2021 in Tskaltubo, Imereti Region. While in June and July, 2022 two conferences convened in Zugdidi (Samegrelo Region) and Gurjaani (Kakheti Region) addressed the management of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases against the background of Covid-19.

We are honoured to note that, the GMWA organized Zugdidi and Gurjaani conferences in partnership with the Georgian Union of Diabetes and Endocrine Associations.

Regional Conference in Zugdidi, Georgia June 2022

Fig. 1: Regional Conference in Zugdidi, Georgia June 2022

2. Meeting Colleagues in Azerbaijan

Prof. Nina Zhvania, President of GMWA visited Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan in October 2022. Dr. Jamila F. Qurbanova, Director of Scientific-Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology organized the meeting where Dr. Zhvania and Dr. Larisa Skuratovskaya, Member of the Medical Women’s Association of Russia, met with local colleagues. Dr. Aynur Safieva and Nargiz Karimova – individual members of MWIA also attended the event.

Dr. Zhvania and Dr. Skuratovskaya presented activities of MWIA, and Dr. Safieva and Dr. Karimova briefed their colleagues on the useful meetings with MWIA colleagues during the 2019 Congress in Tbilisi, Georgia and the Centennial Congress in New York, the United States.

GMWA President also presented the scientific practical journal “Actual Topics on Women’s Health” published by the Georgian Association and offered Azeri colleagues to publish their articles in the journal.

Most importantly, as the former MWIA Regional Vice President for Central Europe, Dr. Zhvania continuous to facilitate expansion of MWIA through establishment of MWIA affiliated associations in the region. During the meeting in Baku, Azeri colleagues expressed interest to joining MWIA and asked for support in establishment of the national association in Azerbaijan.

GMWA President’s Meeting with Azeri Colleagues Baku, Azerbaijan – October 2022

Fig. 2: GMWA President’s Meeting with Azeri Colleagues Baku, Azerbaijan – October 2022