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Thanks to MWIA members who attended the March AMWA 2022 meeting. Videos & CME credits are available; https://bit.ly/3xMleag   

AWMA2023 will be held March 23-26, jointly with the MWIA North America Congress.

AMWA delegates, represented by MWIA Secretary General 2019-22, Dr. P. Murthy, attended the 32nd Congress of MWIA. AMWA wants to thank & congratulate Taiwan for a successful, informative, & professional meeting. We were honored to have Dr. S. Mark as an MWIA keynote. Honors to Dr. S. Keswani, the Jirad Oration, Dr. Murthy, joint winner of the TMWA Physician Award, & the participation of many others.

AMWA’s 2022 interim leadership meeting was September 9-11 in Washington, DC.

Learn more & participate in other AMWA programs:

AMWA celebrates Sept. Women in Medicine Month with a new lectureship, Transforming Healthcare: Celebrating Women Physicians, partnership with the #InvestInHer campaign, the AMWA Inspire Awards, & a look back at 100+ year history of support of women in medicine; https://bit.ly/amwawim

Gender Equity: The 1st AMWA Gender Equity Summit is available with CME credits, bit.ly/amwages. A forum highlight is a keynote by Sara Laschever, the NYT Best-selling author of Women Don’t Ask & Ask For It.

Gun Violence: AMWA grieves ongoing horrific USA mass shootings. The USA is an outlier in deaths by gun violence; the increasing number of child deaths is concerning. AMWA’s gun violence solutions committee lists position papers & links to resources for clinicians. Our medical school curricula are under review for educational recommendations on gun violence. AMWA has a petition to declare gun violence a public health emergency; the gun violence committee is gathering signatures.

Anti-racism: Our anti-racism committee continues to promote awareness https://bit.ly/3QfD2SB

Healthcare coverage: AMWA leaders helped advocate for recent USA legislation supporting reduced healthcare costs for patients, including the impoverished & elderly. This legislation also addresses climate change & its effect on health. 

AMWA shares global concerns about our environment & encourages participation in The Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education & the Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health.

Reproductive Rights: A woman’s right to choose pregnancy is a pressing health issue in the USA. AMWA has advocated for comprehensive reproductive health throughout its history & remains committed to supporting reproductive rights for all, including access to safe & legal abortions. AMWA has helped build a coalition of over 100 million practitioners & allies who are advocating collectively for access to reproductive healthcare.

AMWA is a partner stakeholder for the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, & Health and will be convening partner meetings & programs to support this national effort.

AMWA continues advocacy for COVID-19 vaccinations & vaccination access & hosts a webinar series with partner MWIA associations, One World, One War Against COVID-19 https://bit.ly/3eqVBpC