Report from Vice President for Near East and Africa

Dr. Claribel Abam

Dame Dr. Claribel Abam – MWIA Regional Vice President for Near East and Africa

The first Near East and Africa regional meeting of the 2019-2022 triennium was held on 15th October 2022. Here are the highlights:

The meeting was attended by National Associations of Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mauritania (Individual member).

  1. Zambia was approved to host the next Regional Meeting on or before June 2024 (one year before the next MWIA Triennial)
  2. The next Regional Vice President (RVP) will come from Zambia in line with the existing agreement reached in 2000 in Abuja, Nigeria, that the hosting country should produce the next RVP.
  3. As much as possible, the rotation of hosting of the Regional Congress between the regional blocks (North, South, East, West Africa and the Near East) should continue.
  4. The plan to split the region into three should continue with efforts to raise more National Associations especially in the Near East and grow the membership in countries with individual members only at present.
  5. National Associations in the region should strive to weave programs and activities around the triennial theme and implement the resolutions of the congress that have action points.
  6. Collaboration for projects that can be done across countries in the region with development partners should be pursued.
  7. National Associations should make efforts to produce Reports and Articles for the MWIA Update publication on a regular basis to create visibility for the region.
  8. Members should apply for MWIA ad hoc and standing Committee membership and participate actively in the committees. National Associations should compile membership lists so spread can be guaranteed.