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The main activities are outlined below:

    1. Bimonthly virtual business meetings led by Dr Elizabeth R. G. Alexandre, current ABMM National President, Dr Ana Regina C. Vlainich ABMM Sao Paulo sectional region current president and Dr Chang Yen-Li Chain ABMM Paraná sectional region current president.
    2. At São Paulo Medical Association (APM) at the office in the downtown building, the Brazilian Medical Women’s Association Annual Award named “Dr Terezinha Verrastro de Almeida” (in memory of an eminent hematologist), was given this year to three leaders on November 23, 2023:
      1. Dr Nelci Zanon Collange for international leadership in pediatric neurosurgery, a lifetime involvement with medical associations, and several papers and book chapters on different topics related to children with neurosurgical pathologies and women in neurosurgery.
      2. Dr Walkiria Samuel Avila for having developed the biggest database related to congenital cardiological anomalies in pregnant women, with more than 5.000 recorded patients.
      3. Dr Marilene Rezende Mello, a specially honored leader for being our inspiration and one of the more active workers in the São Paulo Law on Gender Medicine, now mandatory in all medical schools in Sao Paulo State, Brazil.
    1. Dr Irene Abramovich, the current general secretary of the São Paulo Council of Medicine (CREMESP 2023-2028), is the second women president at the CREMESP (2028-2023). The first medical congress was organized under her presidency. Her representative work is in defence of the medical activities in SP.
    2. Dr. Natasha Slhessarenko, from ABMM is a member of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) – a 3-year term. She is helping to build connections between CFM and ABMM.
    3. Dr Nelci Zanon Collange finished two years as Education Committee Chair at the International Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery (ISPN) and is now assistant secretary of the same organization. In 2023, she has coordinated the monthly online virtual webinar for medical students and young doctors under the auspices of ISPN and WFNS (World Federation of Neurological Societies) reaching more than 6.000 visualizations (available for free on )

    The First Women’s Cardiology Congress, Brazilian Society of Cardiology, was held in São Paulo, May 19-20, 2023 ( The ABMM President Dr Elisabeth Regina Giunco Alexandre, member of the scientific committee was one of the invited speakers and past president of the Women’s Cardiology department.

    Fig. 1 Upper left; presidential meeting ABMM, São Paulo, Brazil. Upper right: First Medical Congress CREMESP, São Paulo, Brazil – Dr Irene Abramovich and Dr Nelci Zanon.  Bottom left, Dr Terezinha Verrastro Award: standing Dr Ana Regina Cruz Vlainich, president São Paulo region and Dr Elizabeth Giunco Alexandre, ABMM current president. Sitting: the honorees, Dr Nelci Zanon Collange, Dr Marilene Melo and Dr Walkiria Samuel Avilla. Bottom right, Dr Magda Carneiro-Sampaio (white jacket), past MWIA LA vice president, current chair of the Genetic Disease Center (CIGEN), USP, Universidade de São Paulo

    Fig 2. Mexico, Puebla MWIA and PAMWA hybrid meeting organized by Dr Veronica Clara Torres Rodiguez:, Upper left: Dr Nelci Zanon, Dr Fatima Abreu and Dr Nise `Yamaguchi. Upper right the local attendees. Bottom left: the meeting flyer in Spanish; Bottom right: all the program with lectures

    Fig 3. Dr Nelci Zanon in Cape Town, South Africa at the WFNS (World Federation Neurological Societies) meeting: Upper left: The International Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery (ISPN) giving support to CAANS (African Association of Neurosurgery) to build a pediatric Section. Upper right the international leaders ISPN working on pediatric brain trauma consensus. Bottom left, black jacket, Dr Nadia El Abadi, from Morocco, the first woman president of the WFNS (2023-2025). Bottom center, special women in neurosurgery social event Bottom right, Dr Nelci Zanon leading ISPN and WFNS business meeting.