The FMWC is pleased to have joined the Reproductive Health Coalition, following the lead of the American Medical Women’s Association. This coalition arose in the post-Roe vs Wade era, which left women without resources for their reproductive health. We are pleased to add our voice to this much-needed advocacy work.

The FMWC participated in MWIA’s International Gender Medicine Round table recently held in Geneva. Canada has advanced the cause of gender equity in their research agenda, but this has not fully translated into clinical medicine. There is much work being done in Canada on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and improving medical care for the LGBTQ2+ community. The actual difference in disease and management of disease in women and men has not been a focus outside the research field. It was Dr. May Cohen and Dr. Shelley Ross of Canada who wrote MWIA’s first Gender Mainstreaming Manual in 2002, speaking of such issues as Social Determinants of Health, long before it was a household word.

FMWC will be meeting in Calgary in September, 2023 for its annual meeting and educational conference, entitled Health Advocates: Creating Connections and Synergizing Energies.

FMWC continues to plan for its 100th anniversary meeting in Ottawa in September, 2024. All MWIA members are welcome.