The Finnish Medical Women’s Association (FMWA) held its annual meeting on March 1st, 2023, in Helsinki. After the COVID-19 restrictions it was highly appreciated that we were able to meet in person. A new board was elected in the annual meeting and Dr Paula Pihlaja continues as president of the Association. Also, the six previous members continue on the board.

In the meeting it was decided that the 75-year-old Finnish Women’s Medical Association will start compiling its Annual History from 1987. The Annual meeting decided also to continue to donate an amount of money annually to help women in need. This year the women in Afghanistan were chosen to be the recipients of the donation. After the meeting we had a lecture “Shingles and its prevention”, given by Anamaria Teino, Med. Lic – occupational health care specialist, with a special qualification in travel medicine.

The new board is happy to be looking forward after the three years of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our board member Dr Tuula Saarela participated in MWIA North America Congress and AMWA Annual Meeting “Thriving, Leading, Transforming” in Philadelphia, PA, March 23-26, 2023. Dr. Tuula Saarela has successfully and with great dedication represented FMWA in international affairs and is now leaving her position. FMWA’s board has decided that Dr. Johanna Ajanki will continue her work in international affairs. Dr Ajanki has been a board member of FMWA for two last years and is now looking forward to her new role and future times with MWIA and international affairs.