As part of its maintenance activities for the current year, a day of well-being for female doctors was organized in March 2023 at the vital lounge of Mont FEBE in the city of Yaoundé. This day began with fitness walking for all participants followed by a round table on the prevention of burn out including a practical session of sophrology. Burn out is increased mental fatigue that sets in overtime and can have repercussions on several levels. During the discussions, it was emphasized to the female doctor an understanding of the importance of avoiding burn-out at work and of knowing how to take a little rest for her well-being despite the workload. The day ended with lunch.

In June 2023, during African Vaccination Week, the association developed scarves that promote HPV vaccination.

In relation to the continued implementation of the CHILL (Community HIV/AIDS Investments for Longer and healthier Lives) project in the city of Yaoundé, gynecological consultations have been set up alongside cervical cancer screening among sex workers. To date, we have consulted 95 beneficiaries among whom 45 were screened for cervical cancer – 33 had a normal-looking cervix, 10 beneficiaries had a a suspicious-looking cervix and biopsies were taken for analysis.

Another component of the CHILL project is the care and monitoring of people living with HIV/AIDS, with a cohort of 445 beneficiaries being followed up. In the initiation and monitoring component of pre-exposure prophylaxis to HIV/AIDS, to date we have an active queue of 868 on Pre exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and we have started the analysis of adherence to oral PreP in our context.

The CHILL project supported by the Care and Health Program through USAID/PEPFAR funding is active in two branches of CMWA – Yaoundé (Centre) and Bamenda (north west).

Fig 1. Picture of members of the Yaounde branch of ACAFEM with team of actors involved in the CHILL project in Yaoundé after the fitness walking for wellness and prevention of burn out in March 2023.

Fig 2. CMWA SCARF Boys and girls aged 9 vaccinated against HPV protects against cancer and condyloma