Hello from the heart of AMWA. 

We are always delighted to champion MWIA’s One Humanity: Health Solutions Mission through our Partnerships. Our emphasis on the importance of Sex and Gender in medicine is a priority. We have secured 70+ copies of “How Sex and Gender Impact Clinical Practice” (Jenkins and Newman). US medical curriculum leaders will be sent these books as we aim to integrate this topic into their programs!

We have rolled out the Women’s Health Champions program to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the US NIH Revitalization Act. Here’s to a new era of health trailblazers ironing out disparities in women’s health.

AMWA, in the persons of Dr. Eliza Chin, Dr. Douglas Chin, and Dr. Connie Newman, were delighted to take a beautiful trip back in time in a summer visit to Luzancy with members of MWIA. To stand where the AWHS** started its incredible journey during WWI was genuinely humbling.

The world lost an icon with Dr. Susan Love’s passing. Her advocacy in breast cancer research, early advocacy for breast conservation in cancer surgery, and her stance against routine HRT for menopausal women changed countless lives. We honor her legacy and pledge to carry it forward.

We are ecstatic about our IMG*** initiative, driven by our passionate members. From mentorships to webinars, we are sculpting a support system for our international peers.

Are you feeling nostalgic? Dive into AMWA’s YouTube to glimpse Dr. Bertha Van Hoosen’s remarkable life. You’re in for a treat!

Mark your calendars! Join us for a riveting virtual AMWA Annual Meeting in March 2024. Stay tuned for more details.

Celebrations are in order as 65 remarkable women in medicine receive the 2023 AMWA INSPIRE Award. Check our amwa-doc.org for a closer look.

September, Women in Medicine month, was chock-full of events. AMWA addressed mentorship, the un-shaming of women physicians, the combining of passions, and topics of leadership: barriers, the role and way to chief medical officer positions, women transforming medicine, AI, and the gender pay gap.

We can’t ignore the steep healthcare costs in the US. AMWA is on the front lines, working to ensure affordable, quality healthcare for all.

AMWA nods to President Joe Biden for addressing gun violence, a grave concern. We are behind the new White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention 100%.

Are you a MWIA member thinking of joining our AMWA family? Expect excellent leadership training, enriching medical education sessions, and transformative workshops—discounts on the Evolve leadership program and the annual meeting fees that can make the membership cost worthwhile.

From advocating for lifestyle medicine, fertility concerns, and maternal health to rallying behind the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution, AMWA is more committed than ever. 

We are diving into the over-the-counter birth control world with education and information on Opill. 

Here’s to more strides in women’s healthcare!

*National Institutes of Health

**American Women’s Hospital Service

*** International Medical Graduates

Respectfully Submitted

Karen Y. Poirier-Brode, MD CM

MWIA National Coordinator