The Medical Women’s Federation (MWF) continues to thrive under the leadership of Professor Scarlett McNally, submitting evidence to the government and attending parliamentary events on issues such as sexual harassment; and collaborating with medical organisations such as the BMA, the GMC, and the Royal Colleges. A report ‘Surviving in Scrubs’, published in November is harrowing reading, revealing a culture of intolerance, lesser valuing of women and long-term effects on recipients.

The medical students in MWF are very active and organised a series of webinars on themes such as finance management, women in academia, how to write a robust manuscript and banishing superwoman from the NHS. Superwoman is the archetype of our times. She’s breaking glass ceilings, she’s climbing hierarchies, she’s raising perfect children, she is unstoppable, she’s passionate. She needs no support but is always available for others. Everyone is in awe of her. And it’s exhausting and unsustainable to be her! This webinar explored a new way of being, a way that embraces the messiness of life, and encourages doctors to be fully and joyfully themselves.

MWF’s Spring meeting will be held on 10th May in Cambridge, with a formal dinner on the 9th. You are all very welcome!

Dr Clarissa Fabre

National Co-ordinator