1. JMWA held two online lectures. Both of them have been viewed 200 times on Youtube.

16th Diversity Promotion Symposium on 2023/11/1 “Diverse careers are interesting.”

Dr. Kojima, who is an industrial physician and also serves as director of an apparel company, talked about her diverse career path. As an industrial physician, she aims for well-being, and her activities involving all employees are effective and have led to the company’s health management.

2. Longevity and Social Welfare Committee Lecture 2023/12/11 “Fun oral frailty prevention”

Oral frailty affects not only physical health but also cognitive function. Oral exercise using blowback provided by a dentist has become a hint of extending a healthy lifespan in a fun way.

2023/10/21 A seminar and social gathering were held in Karuizawa Town, Nagano Prefecture, a famous summer resort. President Maeda gave a lecture on the diagnosis and treatment of urinary disorders in women. At the social gathering, we enjoyed delicious food and chatting with JMWA members. The next day, we went sightseeing while looking at the autumn leaves.

Professor Yoshiko Maeda

Fig. 1 The social gathering in Karuizawa Resort