Peru changed its Executive on October 25, 2023. MWIA Peru is also a chapter of PAMWA (Pan American Medical Women Association) and shares the same leaders:

President: Dr Milagros Pilar Toledo Castillo
Vice president:  Dr Julia Graciela Ávila Arosemena
Secretary: Dr Amelia Arias Albino 
Vice secretary: Dr Rebeca Kuniyoshi Kiyan
Treasurer: Dr Bertha Teresa Castro Salazar
Vice treasurer:  Dr Paula Marcelina Lugo Valenzuela

We will be glad to share our plans in the next update.

Fig 1. MWIA Peru is also the PAMWA (Pan American Medical Women’s Association) Peru chapter and they share the same leaders: Left to right: Dr Amelia Arias Albino, Dr Rebeca Kuniyoshi Kiyan, Dr Milagros Pilar Toledo Castillo, Dr Julia Graciela Ávila Arosemena, Dr Bertha Teresa Castro Salazar y Dr Paula Marcelina Lugo Valenzuela.