Report from Vice President for Latin America

Dr. Nelci Zannon Collange

Dr. Nelci Zanon Collange MWIA Regional Vice President for Latin America

In the Latin America region of MWIA, we have ABMM (Associação Brasileira das Mulheres Médicas) which is the Brazilian Medical Women’s Association), Peru, Equador and Mexico.

The most important achievement in the region is the transformation of Mexico from individual to Country membership through Dr Veronica Clara Torres Rodrigues.

The main activities in our region are:

  1. ABMM (Brazilian Medical Women’s Association) Annual Awards
  2. First Women’s Cardiology Congress in São Paulo, Brazil
  3. International meeting, Medical Science, Puebla, Mexico
  4. Elections of the Executive in Peru

PAMWA (Pan American Medical Women’s Alliance)

The PAMWA president elect, Dr Veronica Clara Rodriguez Torres ( is assuming the leadership of this traditional Medical Women’s Alliance. A PANMWA 2024 presential meeting is being planned on the coast of Mexico, probably in the first semester.

Nelci Zanon Collange