Report from Vice President for Southern Europe

Dr. Concetta Laurentaci

Dr. Concetta Laurentaci – MWIA Regional Vice President for Southern Europe

I am really proud to update you on some important events that took place in my town (Matera) and that involved myself and other colleagues from the local section of the Italian Association of Women Physicians and many speakers from other Italian Regions.

On 9 March we organised, together with the President of the Professional Order of Nurses, Dr Vita Spagnuolo, a training event on hospital and territorial procedures for the protection of victims of episodes of gender-based violence, informing health workers on what they need to do for victims’ protection and to convey also to the population the correct behaviour in the event of episodes of violence

On 22 and 23 March, the annual conference entitled ‘Focus on Gender Medicine: integrated approaches to inflammatory-degenerative diseases’ was held in Matera. It highlighted the importance of knowledge of sex and gender-specific differences in pathologies such as osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, pain mechanisms; some work sessions analyzed the physiopathological pathways of microbiote and microbiome; the importance of sarcopenia and its different impact on disability in men and women; and an important update on primary and secondary veno-lymphatic pathologies, which represent one of the new fields of study in gender-specific medicine

The MWIA Regional Vice-President organized this relevant event with the Matera section President, Dr Nancy Lascaro. The National President of Italian Women Doctors, Dr. Antonella Vezzani, was also present among the important speakers as well as many Italian Medical Women from many Italian regions.

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Fig 1. Speakers and Chairs of Matera Meeting on Gender Violence on 9 march 2024

Fig 2. Speakers and Chairs of Matera Congress on Gender Medicine on 22-23 March 2024