1. The Annual Scientific Meeting was held on 4 November 2023 with details as below:

Symposium I:
Guest speaker: Dr. Catherine Shea Puigi, Specialist in Cardiology
Topic: Stepping Up Cardio-Renal-Metabolic Protection with SGLT2 Inhibitors

Guest speaker: Dr. Yannie Soo Oi Yan, Specialist in Neurology
Topic: The Paradigm Shift in Migraine Therapy

Symposium II:
Guest speaker: Dr. Anita Lo Wing Sim, Specialist in Clinical Oncology
Topic: Changing Treatment Paradigm in Advanced Endometrial Cancer

Guest speaker: Dr. Amy Chang Tien Yee, Specialist in Clinical Oncology
Topic: Treatment Landscape of Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Symposium III:
Guest speaker: Dr. Chan Zi, Specialist in Nephrology
Topic: Improving Outcomes in Chronic Kidney Disease Management

Guest speakers: Dr. Zephyrus Tsang Ling Yin, Co-founder and Vice Chairperson of Quarks
Dr. Chan Ming Yan, Co-founder of Quarks
Topic : What should every doctor know about transgender health?

2. Ripples Action @ Yuen Long was successfully completed on 3/12/2023. A total of 11 medical students, 7 doctors (1 GP with psychiatric training, 4 O&G, 1 Oncologist and our Board Director, Dr Mandy Ng) attended as volunteers for the event. We were the host for this event and were lucky to have Dr Ronald Lam, the Director of Health, attending as our Guest of Honor. A total of 104 Pap Smears were offered to the Indonesian and Filipino domestic helpers attending the event. All of them had also completed a mental health questionnaire.

3. The annual Careers Talk organised by HKWDA Youth Committee was held on 20 January 2024. The talk focused on exploring job opportunities for doctors outside of the Hospital Authority in Hong Kong. We were extremely honoured to be able to invite Dr Mona Lam (Executive Director at the Family Planning Association), Dr Li Wing Sum (Medical & Health Officer at the Department of Health), Dr Brian Chan (Founder of Alluna Medical) and Dr Judy Chan (Private General Practioner) to share their experience and advice with us.