1. On Jan 10, 2024, the Korean Medical Women’s Association(KMWA) held its commemorative academic symposium for the 68th anniversary of the Korean Medical Women’s Association and the Annual New Year Party at the Hotel President’s Brahms Hall. President Hyon-Wook Baik delivered her New Year’s Address to the members, stating, “The Korean Medical Women’s Association was established on Jan 15th, 1956. The weight of 68 years through every member’s experience feels extremely precious. With about three months left in office, I hope that my wish for KMWA to communicate across generations and regions will continue.” The Symposium’s lecture was given by Professor Hyun Jung Kim of the Dermatology Department of Chungnam National University Hospital entitled, ‘What would be on a dermatologist’s cosmetic table?’ and Professor Gayoung Lee of the Dermatology Department of Kangbuk Samsung Hospital talked about ‘Oldness is Goodness’.

2. On March 5, 2024, KMWA held its March academic symposium and the 42nd Korean Medical Association Presidential Election Candidate Joint Debate at the Hotel President’s Mozart Hall. Part 1 was the academic symposium. The academic symposium lecture was given by Professor Chan-Joo Kim of the OBGYN Department of Uijeongbu St. Marys’ Hospital with the title ‘Diagnosis and treatment of Iron deficiency anemia in the real world for all women.’ Professor Ara Cho of the Family Medicine Department of Gangnam Severance Hospital lectured on ‘Recent updates on dyslipidemia treatment.’ Part 2 was held as a discussion session with the five Korean Medical Association Presidential Election Candidates. Dr. Anna Choi representing KMWA asked identical questions to the five candidates regarding current issues, such as women doctors being underrepresented in the Korean Medical Association. All five candidates promised more representation of women in the Korean Medical Association if elected as president.

Fig 1. President Baik of KMWA cuts rice cake with distinguished guests and members

Fig 2. KMWA hosts debate for Korean Medical Association Presidential Candidates