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Young MWIA

The Young MWIA’s (yMWIA) full name is Special Interest Group for Young Female Doctors and Medical Students. It is an opportunity for the younger members of the profession to meet and discuss issues relevant to their stage in their careers. More information you will find here.

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Resolutions & General Assemblies

International Congresses and General Assemblies are held every 3 years in various countries of the world. The General Assemblies decide upon administrative policy. Resolutions expressing the concerns of the members are submitted to the General Assembly for approval and passed resolutions reflect the policy and position of MWIA to various topics.

19th of May 2017
Timeline for drafting and approving Resolutions
All resolutions must be submitted at least 6 months before a Congress otherwise they will be carried over to the next Congress. All Resolutions must be completed before the Congress. The only exception is if a time critical matter arises during the Congress and one which the President after consulting with the Exco feels cannot wait until the next Congress.The draft resolutions will be circulated with the MWIA members 2-3 page guide for General Assemblies 4 weeks in advance of the Congress.

Resolutions can be come from four sources:  national associations, individual  members where there is no national association, regional congresses and members of the MWIA executive.

All MWIA resolutions are summarized here:

MWIA Resolutions 2016

Resolutions 2016

MWIA Resolutions 1929 – 2013

Resolutions 1929 – 2013

4th of September 2017
Rules for the Jhirad Oration Award

Ähnliches FotoThe Jhirad Oration was started in 1985 in honour of Dr. Jerusha Jhirad (to the left) and is provided by the Association of Medical Women in India. Traditionally the Jhirad Oration is given at MWIA International Congresses.  It consists of a silver plaque and an Indian ceremony.  As it has become prestigious there have been many enquiries as to how to apply for this award. Following deliberations, the MWIA executive has decided that the Jhirad Oration will go to the person who will become immediate past president at the end of the congress at which it is awarded.  This makes the awarding of the Oration transparent. More information about the rules can be found here. Thank you to the Association of Medical Women in India for their ongoing support of the Jhirad Oration.